An interesting piece of information is our showroom used to be one of the famous Horse Alleys of Colorado City in the late 1800s. Historically, many places in Colorado City (now known as Old Colorado City) had ½ addresses as we have 2520 ½ for our address today. As you walk around Old Colorado City, you’ll notice businesses in spaces 5-10 feet wide that extend back to the alley. The reason for this is rather logical, and one I’m sure the townsfolks of Colorado City were quite happy about.

People visiting Colorado City would ride their horses to town to run errands, entertain themselves, or partake in whatever other trouble they could get into. While they were busy running around town, their horses were left on Colorado Avenue leaving their waste behind. Colorado City was no doubt a wild town, full of gambling, brothels and bars, but a group of women drew the line at allowing horse manure to pile up along the main street.

As the story goes, these women fought for rules that required a horse alley be left between any new buildings, and lo and behold, they won! With the new laws in place, a visitor was required to walk their horse through these horse alleys and tie them up to the back of the buildings.

Today, as you walk along the 2400-2500 blocks of Colorado Avenue, you can see where several of the horse alleys once existed. Just a few doors east of our store, you will find one of these alleys still there to take you to the free public parking lot behind our store.

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Jumping back to present day, the Flynn Family purchased the building in October 2015 and at once started construction by first splitting the building into two separate units. To stay true with history, By Design Gems kept the ½ address when the building was split. Bonnie, part Owner of By Design Gems, designed the showroom and worked with a talented crew to make it a reality.

After over six months of construction, our talented team of craftsmen and professionals (please see a list of their names below), were finally complete. You can see pictures of the showroom and lapidary room below. We finally opened our store on Friday, May 6, 2016 after many months of planning and hard work.

If you’re ever in the Colorado Springs area, please stop by and see us!

To Our Talented Crew:

We are forever grateful for your perseverance and patience as we know we had some difficult situations arise. We appreciate that you never wavered in your support!

Our deepest thanks, The Flynn Family

The following is a list of the dedicated businesses and individuals that worked tirelessly to finish our showroom, lapidary room, and design studio:

Hoffman Homes, Runge Architecture, Faith Electric, City Glass Company, Aspen Environmental Services, Robbins Heating and Air, Advanced Alarm, Pryor Floor, CED All Phase, Payless Design Flooring, Spitzer Masonry.