Teri Adams-Fjellman

“Nothing matches the feeling I get when I see the excitement and pure joy that someone experiences when a piece of my jewelry has chosen them.”

blessings! from Teri

Teri Adams-Fjellman has been making jewelry from the time she was young; starting with stringing cheerios for an edible necklace. It wasn’t until she was faced with cancer in 2002 that she found the direction her art would lead to today. It was during that period that she found healing in the timeless space of creating.
Teri believes that when you make jewelry, time stands still. The designs flow, taking shape as the process unfolds. With each piece she creates, Teri says a prayer for the woman who will one day wear the jewelry – infusing in the jewelry a prayer for love, health, joy and peace. Teri found healing in the creation of her jewelry – that’s what she desires to share.
Teri is a multi-disciplined artist and teacher. As a Colorado Springs native, she draws from the beauty that surrounds her: the clear blue sky and the mountain highlands. Using rich colors, precious metals, unusual stones, shells, found objects and artifacts, Teri combines multiple techniques in the making of her jewelry. Even though her inspiration may come from ancient forms, the compositions come together in contemporary, whimsical, and timeless designs.